Hülsenbusch Apparatebau


Company :   Hülsenbusch Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG
Hülser Strasse 49
Access via Bircksstr. 17
D - 47906 Kempen
Managing director:   Markus Hülsenbusch
Jörg Taubitz
Authorised attorney:
  Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Bender
Phone:   +49 / 2152 / 14 17 - 0
Fax:   +49 / 2152 / 14 17 - 198
  HRA 4775, HRB 9075
V.A.T No.:   DE120004822
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Companies of the Hülsenbusch Group:




Hülsenbusch Apparatebau


Industriekessel Service

Repair and Service works for industrial steam boilers


Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik

Engineering and equipment manufacturing for fossil and renewable energies


IBA GmbH Service für Gießereien und Industriemontage

Repair and Service works for foundries as well as industrial assembly





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