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Welcome to Hülsenbusch Apparatebau

For more than 35 years - Quality from Kempen for the world!

The company Hülsenbusch Apparatebau is a family run establishment and deals since more than 35 years with processing interpretation as well as production and assembly of thermotechnical plants.


Among other things the main emphasis of our products contains :

  • Heat exchangers in different forms and areas of application::
    Air preheaters with smooth tubes and/or fin-tubes in several forms, recuperators, economizer, gascooler, steam air preheaters, combined recuperators, evaporators, radiation recuperators, wasteheat boilers, gas/water heat exchangers, steam superheaters, steam boilers, hydrogen cooler
  • Thermal post combustion plants
  • General plants and steel constructions such as heat exchanger cases, industry pipelines, stove plants, welded constructions for power plants as well as welded constructions of every kind.
  • Boiler pressure parts like collectors, pipelines, form pieces, coil production for follow-up switching heating surfaces, (superheaters, economizer etc.), injection cooler, finned tubes, membrane walls etc..
  • Pay bend work with CNC- thorn- and pressure bender machines for pipes up to ø 88,9mm.
  • Components based on costumer request such as pipe shells for the occupancy of heat exchangers for the protection from erosion etc.
  • The assembly of the aforementioned components is also part of our scope of work.