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Developed, tested and daily use in more than 30 year of teamwork with Protec customers and Hülsenbusch - Apparatebau.


BAW - metal sheet uncoiling V 12.00
62 geometry

EURO-BDE V 11.1309

metal sheet uncoiling metal sheet uncoiling

With the EURO-BDE, you are able to acquire commercial processes, to evaluate their development within short time and to react to them immediately.

By means of the simultaneous postcalculation, you can evaluate an order during its realization and see problem phases in a contemporary way. Economic analyses enable to you any time to receive a sound statement about the situation of your company.

The production planning enables to you to optimise the capacity utilisation of the manufacturing.

The programs of the purchasing department and the stock management are linked with each other and update themselves mutually. Automatic recording of items by the purchasing system at goods entry and automatic price update by recording in the input receipts simplify work processes and guarantee actuality of the data in all sections.

The certificate management for all materials from purchasing up to items management is also automatically filled with secure data.

Interfaces to CL2013 of SAGE and for SEPA transfers.

The EURO-BDE is particularly suited for the application in small business.

metal sheet uncoiling metal sheet uncoiling
metal sheet uncoiling metal sheet uncoiling

Developed, tested and daily use in more than 30 years of teamwork with Hülsenbusch - Apparatebau. The long-standing experience in metalworking guarantees technology made to measure.

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